Considering a job at M Seals?
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Considering a job at M Seals?


Der er i øjeblikket ingen ledige job i M Seals, men da vi er et firma i fortsat udvikling, har vi jævnligt brug for nye dygtige medarbejdere.

For yderligere oplysninger omkring uopfordret ansøgning se venligst nedenfor: 

No vacancies at the moment


Unsolicited application

If you are interested in working in M Seals, please do not hesitate to send us an unsolicited application.

When you write your application, please define your job requirements and qualifications as accurately as possible. In this way we can get an impression of you and see what job profile you fit in.

Send your application to CEO Thomas Petersen, email:

Or send it by post to:
M Seals A / S
Thomas Petersen
Bybjergvej 13
3060 Espergærde