New homepage and webshop!
You will easy find the item that covers your need!

New homepage and webshop!

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As you probably noticed, our website has changed.

We have strained us to make the site as user friendly as possible and hope that you experience

  • an orderly structure
  • a website that is easy to navigate
  • an easy search function - and last but not least
  • an easy and manageable e-shop where you can quickly find the item that covers your need

You will now have even easier access to one of Denmark's broadest product programs in seals and moulded parts used in the industry.

You can quickly and easily download more detailed material, such as technical specifications, and within each product group you have rapid access to many different products to meet your needs - and the ability to purchase online!

Site structure - tab of the tab...

Frontpage- here you can quickly

  • be up-dated about news
  • download catalogs
  • and as something entirely new: with one click in the green box "Products & E-shop" search for products and buy online

M Seals - here you will find - among others -

  • information about the company
  • ISO certifications
  • links to partners 

Products & E-shop - with one click you can search for products and buy online. This function is also available from the frontpage (the green box)

News - here you can keep up with new developments, fairs, etc.

Contact us -  Distributors, Directions, Order catalog, Download catalog

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